Materials you can build on

Steel used in the field of civil engineering must ensure stability and extraordinary resistance to stress. Changes in spatial structures and the creation of new infrastructures result in a rising need for individual, object- and construction-site-specific solutions.

High-performance steels are used in various areas of civil engineering and must be well suited to the given application. With our impressive and customized steel solutions, our experience and our know-how, we can cooperate with you to implement your projects with turnkey solutions.

Our range of products for the ABC (Architecture, Building and Construction) is wide. Some examples:

  • Reinforcing bars: stainless steel (UGIGRIP®) , engineering steel (TOP12)
  • Tool steel for aluminum extrusion
  • Decoration systems based on wire mesh or shaped wires

Swiss Steel Group provides the structural and civil engineering industry with a with range of steel in all material groups: Engineering steels, stainless, acid- and heat-resistant steels for various applications:

BrandDesignationApplications / Properties
Corrodur 4003X2CrNi12Constructional steel up to -60 °C

Acidur 4521


General mechanical engineering for corrosive stress

Acidur 4301


Standard austenitic steel

Acidur 4305


Standard austenitic steel, machining steel

Acidur 4307


Like Acidur 4301, for welded thick components

Acidur 4362


Construction industry, bent components, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering

Acidur 4462


Constructional steel, chloride-resistant

Acidur 4410


Construction steel, highly corrosion-resistant