Extreme demands are imposed on the steel when machines and their components are exposed to high, dynamic stresses, such as in the case of gearboxes or fastening elements.

Without Firmodur high-grade structural steels such high stresses would hardly be feasible, meaning that modern automotive engineering, mechanical engineering and gearbox construction would be inconceivable.

Consequently, our high-performance steels are recommendable whenever the steel is subject to extraordinary requirements, such as maximum purity, surface hardness and fatigue strength. For example:

  • Cold forming steels: Firmodur without/ with Boron for highly stressed fastening elements
  • Quenched and tempered steels: Firmodur / Cr, CrMo, NiCrMo grades etc. for the characteristic significant tensile strength as well as a high yield strength and ductility
  • Spring steels: FIRMODUR steels with high a yield-to-tensile ratio