Packaging that’s both safe and aesthetic.

The constant increase in plastic consumption requires process efficiency and reliability in the interest of cost-effective production. Plastics have become an indispensable part of mass-produced items, such as packaging or PET bottles, and of individual items and accessories found in the consumer goods sector.

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke and Finkl Steel developed steels for plastic moulding which properties can be individually and optimally matched to the widest variety of demands on the respective mould or the plastic product

Moulds made with our steels provide you with precise and perfectly shaped plastic packaging and products that always satisfy consistently high quality standards.

Swiss Steel Group provides the food & packaging industry with a with range of steel in all material groups: tool steels, stainless, acid- and heat-resistant steels for various applications:

BrandDesignationApplications / Properties
Acidur 4057X17CrNI16-2Converyor belts

Acidur 4116


Meat cutters

Acidur 4301


Bottle closures, meat hooks

Acidur 4404


Stirring units, flanges, grates / strainers

Acidur 4542


Portioning nozzles

Acidur 4404

Acidur 4462

Acidur 4521




Water management: drinking water preparation, storage and distribution